The all-in-one clinical trial recruitment platform 
designed for CROs

Differentiate your clinical services portfolio with the only end-to-end platform for accelerating clinical trial engagement, enrollment and recruitment. 

Build a bridge to patients with a user-friendly, high-impact clinical Trial Website. Visually appealing and patient-centric, a dedicated Trial Website makes it easier for the public to find, share, enroll, and stay engaged in your Sponsors' clinical trials.


Everything a modern CRO needs to connect 

the dots between patients and clinical trials

Engage and educate patients around 
clinical trials

Pre-screen and direct qualified participants
to sites

Build and communicate with your trial community

Drive qualified patient referrals from 75+ organizations

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Engage and educate patients 

around your clinical trials


  • Aligned to the Sponsor's brand design and vision 
  • Data synched automatically from
  • Interactive Trial Finder and site location map
  • Patient-friendly trial educational content 
  • Create pre-screeners with our easy-to-use tool
  • Measure referral and randomization performance
  • Monitor study site status, volume and response times
  • Improve referral quality to reduce site staff burden 

Empower prospective participants to quickly assess their eligibility online. Once qualified, their contact information is directly passed to the right person at the right study site, creating a seamless experience that prevents delays and increases enrollment success.

Pre-screen and direct qualified participants to sites


Allow participants and the general public to subscribe to a HIPAA-compliant communications list, enabling you to send trial-specific and community-wide notifications via email. 

Build and communicate with your clinical trial community


  • Communicate via a secure and HIPAA-compliant portal
  • Monitor email activity and community engagement
  • Send notices and trial documents such as Plain Language Summaries
  • Develop a curated community of current and prospective trial participants

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Stand out from the competition 

Citeline Connect is the secret weapon for CROs looking to showcase recruitment innovation, speed and value to their customers

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Add enhanced features and services seamlessly as your enrollment needs change

Translate your materials into any language and engage visitors with a unique user experience automatically based on their country IP location

Translations & geo-fencing

Traffic optimization

Drive high quality visitor traffic directly to your website with search engine optimization (SEO) and specialty ad targeting

An intelligent, curated knowledge base on your clinical trial information provides patient-friendly, automated conversations

Chatbot application

Leverage our experienced editorial team to support the creation of tailored copy for your website

Editorial services

Provide automated phone and email support for patients during study enrollment 

Automated study support

Give patients the ability to speak directly to our clinical coordinators to assist in the enrollment process

Concierge live support

Melanie Ivarsson, PhD

Chief Development Officer

I am proud that Moderna was open to using a novel approach to clinical trial recruitment for the COVE Study...With [Citeline] Connect, dozens of recruitment partners answered the 
call at once, which helped us meet our milestones.


Drive qualified patient referrals 
from 75+ organizations

Citeline Connect is built on an industry-first patient referral collective. We use data, technology, and teamwork to better connect sponsors with over 75 diverse and pre-vetted recruitment partners to simultaneously find, refer and screen highly qualified trial participants.

Accelerate enrollment

Diversify participation

Pay for performance

Measure results

Activate multiple recruitment partners to refer qualified 
patients simultaneously

Tap into a diverse collective of
niche and specialty patient 
recruitment organizations

Set a fee for randomizations and/or referrals to de-risk your recruitment campaigns

Increase visibility with real-time analytics on referral channels 
and campaigns


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